Our team of skilled experts combine years of experience with new techniques in order to achieve reading fun and excellence.  In today's world, with all the amazing technology, we believe it is a shame that children do not want to read.  By using new age media editing techniques, we aim to bring joy back to the written word.  Our books focus on every part of the book, including the words as they appear on the page.

S. M. Nelson - Author, Illustrator, Parent

Self-taught, Sharan has been an artist all of her life, starting with hallway bulletin boards in elementary school and Woody Woodpecker on classmates' desks.  Upon retirement from the military, she and Major Nelson moved to Memphis, where they raised two artistically talented daughters.

Nancy Ward - Illustrator, Editor, Parent

L. A. Nelson - Editor, Media Director, Owner

Educated in IT-Multimedia and certified in video game development and design, L. A. has been applying these technologies to books in order to make children more engaged with words using simple methods most publishers overlook.

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Book Publication

First season of publication finished.

There are now several books

available in our library.

Winter Book Collection Sales

By the end of November, our publications should include more than 4 titles.

Happy Holidays!

We hope your winter holidays are filled with laughter and cheer!

We're a small company, but we aim to continually release new books.  We are currently sitting on about 12 projects, most of which are in the creation phase.

Another aspect of our company is community fundraising.  We offer fundraising event packages for most of our books.  By using our books for fundraising, schools get to keep 26.7% of all profits raised on our products.  If your school is interested in our fundraising events, please contact us at:



Brainiac Bloomers

Promoting Literacy in Elementary School Children

Here at Brainiac Bloomers, we try to think differently about how your child engages with story.  By testing methods of entertainment, we have made reading fun!  We also aim to provide teaching aids such as activity sheets for free to children and teachers.

Upcoming Book Events

New titles have been published.

Jun 3, 2019

New activity sheets.

Jun 6, 2018

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