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These are the newest additions to our book library.

Check back often as new releases are scheduled regularly.

We're Going to Dinner

and You're My Ride

Join Manny and Ren, along with their pet frog, as they travel to dinner in fun and interesting vehicles.  This book stimulates your child by using themed text to encourage reading.

The Big Stink

Come join the residents of Honeysucke Pond as they help each other and save Agatha the baby goat from danger.

We're Going Traveling

and You're My Ride Vol. 1

Manny and Ren return as they continue their fun-filled adventures.  This time they are discovering different countries and fun facts about them while traveling in a hot air balloon!

Uptop Christmas

In this silly tale, join the frogs of StickySpit Pond as they come out of hibernation for one day to celebrate a croaking good Christmas party!

The Big X

Join Orbit and the rest of the community at KneeHigh Pond as they try to help little Orbit learn to land instead of crash.


Our small and humble library of books keeps growing every day!  Check back often for new releases and great deals on our children's and drawing book series!

Children's Story Books

Cook up a recipe for imagination

with our children's book series!

Children's Creativity Center

Coloring pages and activity sheets,

ready for print out and coloring!

Learn to Draw Series

Learn to draw with our Snippet Series,

allowing you to choose what to learn!

Learn to Paint Series

Learn to paint with oils and acrylics in

S. M. Nelson's personally created structure.

Brainiac Bloomers is here to promote learning,

growth & imagination!

We continually strive to improve our books and how children interact with them.

We believe with digital media techniques and proper application, children will crave books just as much as any video game or cartoon.  In the future we plan to implement interactive books that promote healthy reading skills in children by rewarding them with the media they desire.  It is our goal to get them to forget they are reading a book and not playing a video game or watching a movie.

Why should books be boring when they can be fun?

Please continue to check back often for our regularly occuring new releases

and upcoming interactive series.


Our books were reviewed by children and adults for their opinions before they ever even made it to print.  By testing books just like any video game company does a game, we have been able to make our books more engaging with children and adults alike, as well as keep quality in check.  We know your child will enjoy our books as much as you will enjoy reading them together.  Happy reading!

L. A. Nelson

Brainiac Bloomers

Promoting Literacy in Elementary School Children

Here at Brainiac Bloomers, we try to think differently about how your child engages with story.  By testing methods of entertainment, we have made reading fun!  We also aim to provide teaching aids such as activity sheets for free to children and teachers.

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